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In developing our patent-pending Parallel Cam Technology, we worked to solve one of the most nagging issues related to accuracy: cam lean. By splitting the string and creating two tracks, we balanced the cam, something no other bow manufacturer has done. Imagine trying to balance on one leg instead of two. That's what our competitors are doing. Parallel Cam is like standing on two legs. It's more stable, making it more accurate. Prime's Parallel Cam gives you consistent accuracy at the moment of truth.


Hardcore hunters will go to the extreme in some of the most unforgiving environments and back again to ensure their success. It is only natural to design the Prime Defy to not only go the distance, but to go where other bows can not. The short 31" axle to axle PCX cam system united with the solid 7000 series forged riser allows this bow to work in all hunting situations while still maintaining a Prime level of forgiveness to help hunters extend their range.

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Accuracy has teamed up with speed in the Prime Impact to give bowhunters and competitive archers the edge they've been looking for. Take advantage of this union that provides more kinetic energy and a flatter trajectory, while still maintaining the accuracy Prime is known for. The head turning Impact features the new parllel PCX cam system, the strongest forged 7000 series riser, and the comfortable ultra fit grip. Every part of this bow is designed to provide archers with the edge on accuracy.

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When the PCT parallel cam system, the most accurate system in the archery world, was added to the 7000 series forged riser, the strongest riser known to archers, that normally makes two, but Prime decided to call it the One. This name perfectly describes where this bow stands in the archery world; number One in design, number One in quality, and of course number One in accuracy. A Prime One unites speed, forgiveness, smooth draw cycle, accuracy, and optimum axle to axle length into the One target bow above all others. Make your One advantage feel like several with the Prime One.

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Meet the all new 2014 Prime Alloy! A bow with the perfect blend of strength, weight, forgiveness, and versatility. By uniting our parallel cam system, patented flexing roller guard, and a ridged newly designed counter balanced riser, the all new Alloy gives you the ultimate edge on accuracy while keeping your pack light. Get united with your local Prime dealer and shoot the new Alloy today!

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